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LookingGlass Set 10 for $20.00  

  Glass Figures

Hank the HootOwl  He is a Nocturnal Hunter
Web the Spider  Loves to write children’s stories 
Venom the BlackWidow  Fantasizes often about her perfect wedding 
Bitsy the Spider  Lives in a burrow she made on the forest floor 
Spooky the BlackCat  Very superstitious
Count the VampireBat  Resides in a dark cave in the forest
Bones the Skull  Very cheerful and always smiling
Scat the BlackCat  Knows every spell in the book
Scooter the ScatCat  Loves music and jazz in particular
Jack-O the Pumpkin  Favorite holiday is Halloween


 Halloween Special PeePs

PeePs Halloween 10 for  $20.00 

Glass Figures 


Halloween Special 10 Piece  for 20.00

ZoEy Believes that all the beautiful things in the world bring happiness to those that experience them
HaRLeY Spends his days catching creepy crawlies and “disposing” of them in an eco-friendly way
BoZ Can be found patrolling tropical waters in his boat, always dreaming of catching the big one
BuFoRd Meteorologist who spends his days inaccurately forecasting the weather
MiA Fashion diva, a keen sense of style, always designing hot trends, organic & eco-friendly materials
KaCy Health nut, and one time junk food junkie
RuFuS Builds boats that transport PeePs around the lush tropical islands where they dwell
NaTaShA Passionate environmentalist who vows to protect the Earth
ToRi Spends her days in her flower hut, arranging exotic tropical flowers
XaViEr To be the most positive of all the PeePs on the island













Unique Figures!

Hank the HootOwl

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Price: $4.99
Hank the HootOwl
Hank the HootOwl is a nocturnal hunter. He is able to fly silently through the night. Hank has special feathers that allow him to do this. His favorite foods are mice and lizards. Once the sun rises, Hank likes to fly back to his home in a tree trunk and nap all day long. He occasionally lets out a loud “hoot” to say hello. Hank was born February 11, 2011.

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