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Draco the Dragon
20031Our Price: $4.99
Draco the Dragon

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Welcome to the LookingGlass® Online Shop. This is the official online shop for the manufacturer of LookingGlass® - Brainstorm Products. 
We hope you love these little amazing glass "characters" as much as we enjoyed making them.
Each one is a hand sculpted piece of artwork. Everything from dragons to jungle cats, from sea turtles to butterflies. Something for everyone or collect them all!

Unique Figures!

Reed the Centipede

20031Our Price: $4.99
Reed the Centipede
Reed the Centipede is wriggly and squiggly with his many sets of legs. He sure goes through a lot of shoes! Reed is carnivorous and loves to eat all kinds of meat. He uses his venomous jaws to capture and prepare his meals. Reed likes to hang out in old logs and top soil, in search of food and entertainment. Reed’s birthday is October 15, 2009.