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Draco the Dragon
20031Our Price: $4.99
Draco the Dragon

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It’s The Nightmare Before The Holidays

Looking Glass Special

September 1st – September 30th 2017

Christmas and Halloween Looking Glass Figures

$2.50 each   


Rudolph, St Nick, Frosty the Snowman & Angelina the Angel

Count the Vampire Bat, Bones the Skull, Scat the Cat & Jack-O the Pumpkin

Wind n Sun

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Welcome to the LookingGlass® Online Shop. This is the official online shop for the manufacturer of LookingGlass® - Brainstorm Products. 
We hope you love these little amazing glass "characters" as much as we enjoyed making them.
Each one is a hand sculpted piece of artwork. Everything from dragons to jungle cats, from sea turtles to butterflies. Something for everyone or collect them all!

Unique Figures!

Bones the Skull

20031Our Price: $4.99
Bones the Skull
Bones the Skull is very cheerful and always smiling. He loves adventure and hunts for buried treasure. He makes a great sidekick because he has mystical powers and brings luck to anyone in his presence. Bones was discovered in an excavation in Colombia. He is sensitive to extreme weather and his teeth chatter in the cold. Bones’ birthday is October 28, 2009.